Doctor or Salesperson – Which Would You Rather Be?

Saw these boilerplate salaries quoted in USA Today endure week:

Physicians are the accomplished paid salaried advisers in the U.S.: $187,876 a year.

Pharmacy managers are additional at $149,064 per year.

Third are apparent attorneys at $139,272.

Fourth are medical science liaisons at $132,842.

When I was growing up, my parents capital me to be a doctor – or a lawyer. They argued that I’d accomplish lots of money, accept job security, and would accept a awful admirable career.

When I was in college, I was alive appear my doctorate in psychology. After I accustomed my B.A., however, something happened – I took a summer job in sales. I advised to go aback to school, because I anticipation “sales” was below me. I still capital to be a doctor like my parents capital me to be.

But something abroad happened that summer: I fabricated about $47,000 in commissions (it was a agency alone position), and al of a sudden the anticipation of traveling aback to academy for six added years, incurring hundreds of bags of dollars in apprentice loans, and again alive 80 hours+ as an intern wasn’t so appealing.

In fact, as I looked about at the top sales reps in the aggregation I formed for (a banking casework close with 25, abounding time, agency alone sales reps), I saw that the top performers were active Porsches, endemic admirable homes, and were already extenuative for retirement. And they were in their twenties…

And here’s accession thing: a lot of of them had never even been to college.

To be bright – at the time, I wasn’t a top producer, and like a lot of of the added sales reps at the aggregation I anon became ashore in just accepting by. It was at this point that I had to accomplish a decision:

I could put in three to six months of agilely acquirements and perfecting the ability of sales – and this included alive harder than I anytime had, anxiously chase my scripts (rewrite and personalize them if and area needed), almanac and accept to myself daily, and accomplish to accomplishing aggregate I could, anniversary day (weekends included!) to get bigger – or I could quit, administer for loans, and achievement I got into alum school.

One aisle would advance me to top assembly in sales area I could accomplish actually hundreds of bags of dollars a year, yield vacations whenever and wherever I wanted, and accord me complete job aegis (I could plan for whomever I chose already I became a top producer), and the added path, well, consider:

If I chose to become a doctor, I would be searching at years of accurate and ambitious academy work. Added years as an intern and again citizen (at a city-limits that ability charge new doctors), and hundreds of bags of dollars in debt, afore I fabricated a dime.

In addition, If I became a surgeon, I would plan crazy hours a lot of of my career, be on alarm at all hours of the night and weekends, be absolutely amenable to my patients and those alive in my office, and I acceptable wouldn’t be accepting my Porsche for abounding years.

For me, that best was simple to make. I accept a career in sales. But not just an boilerplate career, I fabricated a charge to acceptable a top affairs professional.

And because I was accommodating to accomplish the time, energy, and money bare to excel, I became a top ambassador in that aggregation in 90 days. Nine months later, I was the top rep out of 5 annex offices, and 16 months after I was answer to sales manager.

And amuse don’t aberration this adventure as me aggravating to affect you. Instead, I’m aggravating to affect aloft you that if I could do it, you can do it, too.

Sales accept been a abundant choice, and I’m always beholden I fabricated it. But the accommodation that accustomed me to be so acknowledged was to accomplish to acquirements the ability of sales.

If you accept absitively that you’re apparently not traveling to become a doctor, but you’d like to reside like one (with beneath stress, by the way), again accomplish a charge to your craft. Start by advance in my new book and again do what I recommend.

Believe me, if you do, this will become one of the wisest accommodation you’ve anytime made.

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